Interested in leasing or buying a Top Drive?

Drill Quip Pty Ltd offers our clients vast Top Drive expertise & technical management services in all areas of Top drive support.

We have many years of experience in upstream drilling around the world enabling us to bring this experience to the Top Drive business.

Drill Quip Pty Ltd prides itself on:

  •  Offering clients correct make/model purchase options
  • Auditing all OEM factory acceptance testing (FAT)
  • Auditing all OEM rig site commissioning
  • 24/7 onsite training in all areas of Top Drive hydraulic & electrical operations and fault finding troubleshooting
  • Building preventative maintenance programs
  • Providing correct parts support and helping in reduction of spare parts inventory
  • Routine servicing including Cat 1, Cat 2 & Cat 3 inspections
  • Performing Cat 4 recertification’s
  • Working with rig contractors to minimize NPT

Our differential is that Drill Quip Pty Ltd is the only unbiased Top Drive service company that will match client’s requirements to the appropriate Top Drive models maximizing rig performance.

Specialising in Rig Support