Floating Sub Tool (FST)

Volant’s FST is designed for casing drilling or running operations with top drive equipped rigs to supply passively damped axial travel during connection making. The FST helps to prevent damage due to jarring or sudden loading to casing or drilling equipment during day-to-day operations.

This patent pending architecture is capable of providing full hoisting loads in combination with full torque values at all stroke positions. The FST is fully compatible with Volant’s Casing Running Tool with internal grip (CRTi™) and external grip (CRTeTM).

  1. Toll hoist and torque ratings are based on API Specification 8C, and are valid for any combination of torque and hoist. The rated capacity does not take into account any limitations that may result from the tool joint connection.
  2. This does not include the length of the crossover or saver sub, which is recomended for use with FST-2.
  3. Additional tool stroke can be provided on request at the expense of tool length.
  4. An optional passive compensator system is available by request.